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Acrylic Tunnels

M.J. MURPHY LTD currently offers 5 different profiles of acrylic tunnel, for use individually, or combined with other profiles in the same tank, depending on Client requirements. These profiles are shown in diagramatic form below.

We are also able to custom design any other special arch profile the Client wants, if a special viewing attraction is warranted. It is up to your imagination (though tempered by a few stubborn laws of physics!).

acrylic tunnel design underwater tunnel designer

Double Dipper Aquarium 


Our industry standard is the T-2.4m profile (which will accept wheelchairs), - but if greater all-round vision is required, and greater people-flow capacity, the Client has the choice of T-2.8m, T-3.4m, T-5m or the revolutionary T-360 profile, (full 360 degree acrylic tunnel for near all-round viewing), - although these will attract a higher cost.
Certain structural limitations are also placed on each profile, depending on water pressure, spans, tunnel layouts, etc.


A moving walkway (conveyor) may be installed in  any of the tunnels if required to improve people flow. Usually only required in longer tunnels, say over 50m in length.  This conveyor must go in a complete loop, and must remain level.  Usually it is located on the inside of the loop, so a fixed walkway (for wheelchairs, etc) can be built on the outside of the loop.   In our T-360 tunnel, if a conveyor is not required, a suspended glass floor can be built into the floor, so viewers can also view fish swimming below them, as well as over top.


T-360 Tunnel - San Sebastian Aquarium


The T-5m profile has been developed for when 2-way visitor flow is anticipated. This 5 metre span is currently the widest tunnel yet built in the world, the first being successfully installed in 1994 in the National Science Centre in Kuala Lumpur.
This was followed in 2004 by its incorporation into our world-first underwater restaurant at the Hilton Maldives Resort & Spa...an amazing dining experience.

The T-360 tunnel is the first of its type in the world, the first being installed at the new Aquarium of San Sebastian, in Spain (1998). 10m long and truly spectacular!